Jessica Liu ND - is a Naturopathic Doctor and Clinic Director for Lakeside Natural Health Centre, with a clinical focus in mental-emotional wellness, women’s health, children’s health, pregnancy, and fertility. She strongly believes we all carry within us the potential to live to our fullest capacity for joy and provides the support for necessary shifts needed to heal on a deeply emotional and spiritual level. She regularly speaks at the Ontario Early Years Centre, the Running Room and on Health Matters (Rogers Cable 10). Click Here for her full bio.


Do you have patients that seem to be ‘stuck’ with treatments that do not seem to be working the way you expect? Join Dr. Jessica Liu as she provides a deeper perspective and discusses how psychosomatic energetic therapies unlock the ‘stuck’ patient.

Practical discussion will include:

  1. Case studies
  2. Energetic testing technique for parasites
  3. Deeper emotional issues behind infertility
  4. How to introduce energy medicine to patients
  5. The first vs second emotional conflict
  6. Incorporating energetic testing into clinical practice

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