Statistics show that mental disorders in children are on the rise. Even more disturbing are the 2017 stats that show over 7.2 million children were using psychiatric drugs in the USA! Rooted behind many of these mental disorders (anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD) are trauma and stressful experiences, which impact the function of the neuroendocrine, gastrointestinal, immune, and peripheral nervous systems and negatively affect long term health.

Join Dr. Lynn Dolson as she discusses how to help children become more resilient to school and social stress, and the situations that life brings. Rubimed therapy provides non-invasive treatment options for children experiencing pain, fear and stress, with clinical studies showing a 90% improvement in behavioural disorders, ADD/ADHD, stress, anxiety and depression. From her clinical experience, Dr. Dolson will detail effective and clinically proven remedies from Europe for acute conditions (anxiety, exhaustion, unable to relax, and tense kids) and more complex mental disorders, with examples to illustrate some major successes with pediatric cases.

This webinar you will learn:

  • How to make a profound impact in children’s health
  • Testing techniques to assess children
  • Impact of transgenerational or inherited emotions (energetic trauma burden)
  • How emotions are often at the root of physical illness
  • The connection between thought, emotions and physiology
  • How to address acute stress and anxiety
  • Successful cases representing newborns to teenagers
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About Dr. Dolson -

I graduated from the University of Florida in 1984 with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry (A.C.S. certified). I then graduated from the University of Florida, College of Medicine in 1988. In medical school, I found that I asked the “wrong” questions, (why?), and was horrified to learn how pharmaceutical drugs actually work. I chose to practice pathology with its rich material to satisfy my curiosity. I am board certified in anatomic pathology and clinical pathology, after completing my pathology residency at the University of Florida; and board certified in Cytopathology, after completing a cytopathology fellowship at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia. I practiced in Tallahassee for 15 years at Ketchum, Wood, and Burgert Pathology Associates, where I was a full partner.

Six weeks after starting at Pathology Associates, I began my acupuncture training with UCLA College of Medicine, ultimately becoming board certified in Medical Acupuncture. I also completed a 2 year Integrative Medicine Fellowship with the University of Arizona. My “alternative” training expanded to encompass Osteopathic medicine, Craniosacral therapy, Myofascial Interlink, Autonomic Response Testing, BioEnergetics, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Hypnosis, Biomagnetism, MicroBioenergetics and Quantum Neurology. In accumulating this training (which is ongoing), the different paradigms began to serve as puzzle pieces, helping me to better understand the whole. I came to a very satisfying conceptual understanding. The next questions were, “how could this information be used to help people recover their health?”, and “what would a clinical practice look like that incorporated this?” Over six years ago, I began a mission to explore those questions, starting this practice. It continues to be a deeply meaningful journey for me.