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The immune system has a highly effective and intelligent defense network to protect the body against foreign invaders and infectious agents. In response to a viral exposure, the innate immune system stimulates both humoral and cellular immune activity with the first line of defense being the mucous membranes.

Biological Medicine techniques are designed to help strengthen and empower the body’s immune system. In immune health, both primary (spleen, thymus and intestines) and secondary immune organs need to be considered, with a focus on the immune cells of the gut lining. Join us to examine how our viral immune defense system works and what one can do to strengthen it. Learn techniques based on principles reflective of Dr. A Bechamp’s famous quote “the microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything”, with the understanding that viral infections are less the cause of disease but rather a symptom of the overall imbalance in the body.

Practical discussion for:

  • What is Biological Medicine?
  • The different types of viral infections (RNA, DNA, retroviruses)
  • Immune response to viral infections
  • The gut-immune connection – 80% immune cells resides in the gut
  • Biological approaches to strengthen the immune system
  • Whole body immune strengthening techniques for everyone